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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Righ on Track:Unleash that creative side; get all the action with ModNation Racers

ModNation Racers, the latest in the go kart racing genre, has all the fun and excitement of racing games such as the Disney racers, but definitely not the heavy pulse pounding and temple throbbing action of NFS. Featuring cartoon characters and settings, the game, developed by United Front Games and SCE San Diego Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, is fun. It is designed and available for PSP and PS3 platforms.
The creative tools available enable one to create karts, racers and even tracks. If you go online, you can share these with the online community. The karts can be made to look like trains, airplanes and cars among others and you can drift and accelerate along the track, collecting power ups and missiles. Scattered along the track are weapons and munitions with different power levels. These are boost, sonic attacks, missiles and lightning strikes and vary in intensity. The sonic attacks at first level create small rockets and rings that knock off nearby opponents. Power up for more intensity to lightning level and you can shower thunder bolts on opponents.
The kart also has a turbo boost that helps to put a shield and protect from incoming missiles. What is interesting is that the AI is very smart and this means the other racers are quick and agile and would knock you off or side swipe you at the first chance. The races are usually for three laps and the tracks are filled with short cuts and traps that get you down if you are careless. Races are divided into quick race, story mode, online race, stunts and grudge race. The idea is to master the track and learn hmv best to corner, use the short cuts and use the missiles properly. A first place in the podium requires lots of practice and work. The game plays very well and the controls are quick to respond.
I would give the game a 9 for its game play, creativity and handling. It will cost you about Rs 3,000, but is worth the price. Whether you are six or si.,xty, you'll enjoy the game.

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